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Pinehaven Stables

Art by: @fireslafi


The channel mascot!

Sporkle is a Palomino Pintabian. She originated from Star Stable Online and now can also be found in Rival Stars Horse Racing, Minecraft and RDR2 as a custom coat!

She is a happy-go-lucky, fabulous horse who sports a pink bow on her tail. She is known for being sweet and loving, and thanks to her Arabian bloodline she excels in showing, racing and many other disciplines!

Show name: Positive Force

Jericho New Background.png

Art by: @fireslafi


The star roleplay horse!

Jericho is a dark bay Thoroughbred Cross! He originated as a real life horse and is now represented fully in Red Dead Redemption 2.

In RDR2 he is a basegame turkoman. Jericho has a spicy attitude sometimes, doesn't like crowds and can easily get stressed out. But he truly loves those that he trusts, and despite his antics he does love a warm cuddle.

Show name: Hotter Than Hell


Art by: @fireslafi


The fan-favourite!

Cheese is a mustard coloured thoroughbred. He was first 'created' after a moderator called Skittle suggested the name 'Cheese' for a foal in a Rival Stars Breeding Stream.

Abigail clearly stated in the stream: ''Cheese will be the bane of my existence''

That proved true when viewers of the Building My Dream Barn Livestream begged her to name one of the horses Cheese. Since then he has been getting into trouble, hanging out with Sporkle, and generally being an adorable nuisance to Abigail.

Show name: Easy Cheesy

Art by: @fireslafi


The thumbnail horse

Ghizmo is a gorgeous flea-bitten grey, who is actually based on a real horse!

He is owned by Kweesy, Abigail's best friend, and is most well known for his appearance in the RDR2 roleplays. He is so beautiful that he is frequently the 'thumbnail' horse and has had many photography sessions in RDR2.

He can be found in RDO, Minecraft, SSO and even Rival Stars Horse Racing.

Giddy up Ghizmo

Fireslafi Ghizmo.jpg

Art by: @fireslafi


Dadigails Horse!

Dave is a black Fresian Sport Horse. He also originates in Star Stable and is named after Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters!

He had his debut in the first 'My Dad Plays SSO!' video and is beloved in the community. He represents everything Abigail's Dad loves: Rock Music, jokes, laughing and generally being cool.


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