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UK Shops


From New in Box to second hand, have a browse through Abigail's personal collection sale.

Farm toys.webp

Find hidden gems, books and more over on Farm Toys Online.


The biggest range of Breyers can be found here, as well as a physical shop you can visit!

Breyers? Hobby Horses? Schliech? More??? Ponyclub store is a great place to grab gifts / hobby items

The lowest priced Breyers around! Be aware though- they tend not to have the latest releases and the boxes are sometimes scuffed / marked

A model shop owned by a model collector, what more could you want?

US Shops

This is the official Breyer webstore where you can grab exclusive models, pay to join a club and read the latest blog posts


An amazing shop run by collectors, here you will find some really rare models as well as regular run models



Walmart stock Breyer as well as carry Walmart exclusive models from time to time.

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